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Book Thrown At Obama in Philly, School Webcam Case Settled, and Missing Boaters Found


The Omelette Tuesday October 12, 2010

Book Thrown At Obama During Germantown Rally

Things got crazy at the rally in Germantown on Sunday. President Obama and Vice President Joe Biden attended and a book was thrown at President Obama. Added to that, a naked guy was escorted off the premises. Authorities don't believe the two inicidents were connected. As far as the guy who tossed the book at President Obama, he insists he just wanted the President to read his book.

Webcam Spycase Settled

The Lower Merion School, which has been embroiled in a webcam spycase controversy has reached a settlement. According to NBCPhiladelphia.com the settlement is worth more than $600,000.

Missing Boaters Founder 120 Miles Off Jersey Coast

A boat carrying six men was recovered by the Coast Guard late Monday evening. They were reportedly 120 miles off the Jersey Shore and fishing for tuna.