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Joggers Attacked, Phillies Rotation, Chilean Miners Rescued, and Brodrick Bunkley Injury


The Omelette Wednesday October 13, 2010

Delaware Joggers Assaulted By Thugs

A group of teenage thugs attacked two joggers in a Delaware Park along the Brandywine River. Two attacks took place on Monday afternoon. First, a man was assaulted, but managed to get away. Shortly after the attack, a young woman was assaulted by the pack of teens. Fortunately, witnesses drove by during the time of the attack and came to her aid. The 26-year-old woman was sprayed with mace and repeatedly kicked on the ground until motorists came to her aid. The attackers who are said to be between the ages of 13 and 17 are still on the loose.

Chilean Miners Being Rescued

Thus far as of 6:00 this morning 8 of the 33 Chilean miners have been rescued. The 33 miners have been trapped for 69 days some 2,300 feet below the Earth's surface in the Chile Mine. The first miner was rescued at around 11:15 P.M. EST last night.

Charlie Manuel is Mum About Rotation

Even though it's a foregone conclusion that Roy Halladay will start Game One on Saturday against Giants' ace Tim Lincecum, it's interesting that Joe Blanton pitched in a simulated game today. This probably means that the Phillies will go with a 4-man rotation against the Giants.

Brodrick Bunkley...Is he or Isn't He Hurt?

Brodrick Bunkley may be out for while or perhaps the season according to Andy Reid. But, his elbow injury may not be that bad as previously suspected. In reality, does this really matter? Bunkley has been a mediocre defensive tackle this season and his loss would be minimal. He, along with Mike Patterson has progressively gotten worse in the past couple of seasons.