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The Omelette Weekly Roundup: Phillies NLCS, Michael Vick, Chile Miners, Brett Favre, Jenn Sterger, Christine O'Donnell, and more


The Omelette Friday October 15, 2010 Weekly Roundup

All 33 Chilean Miners Rescued Within 24 Hours

Not only were all 33 of the Chilean miners rescued within 24 hours since the recovery effort began, but they all appear to be in good health. This rescue mission will go down as one of the greatest events in history.

And, now the roundup...

Michael Vick thinks he may be able to go on Sunday despite not practicing, but this might not be such a good idea. Brett Favre is in deep doo-doo after details came out about him sending illicit photos to Jenn Sterger, who was then an employee of the Jets while he played there. Christine O'Donnell debated Chris Coons on Wednesday night and wouldn't answer the question about evolution. Chris Coons isn't just any man or any politician for that matter; he's The Tax Man! Simon Gagne returned to Philly for the first time since being traded to the Tampa Bay Lightning and left a winner as the Lightning defeated the Flyers 3-2. For those of you lucky enough to watch the live episode of 30 Rock on NBC Thursday night you were treated to one heck of a show; it was like SNL on steroids.

And, finally - the Phillies (who swept the Reds) are in the NLCS for the third year in a row and will face off against the Giants Saturday night. Roy Halladay will start Game One against Tim Lincecum. The game will be on Fox.