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Phillies Beat Giants, DeSean Jackson Injury, and Rutgers Player Eric Legrand Paralyzed


The Omelette Monday October 18, 2010

Eagles Blow out Falcons But Lose Desean Jackson

The Eagles looked like world beaters against the Falcons in their 31-17 victory yesterday. Also Kevin Kolb proved the doubters (including myself) wrong by throwing for 3 TDs in a nearly flawless effort. They did lose Desean Jackson to injury though. Dunta Robinson laid a dirty hit on Jackson, which resulted in a severe concussion. It's a safe bet to say Jackson will be out at least a week.

Phillies knock off Giants in Game 2 of NLCS

Roy Oswalt was dominant last night in the Phillies' rout of the Giants. Jonathan Sanchez was knocked out of the game early as the Phillies offense finally came back to life. Cody  "bleeping" Ross hit another solo homer though in the losing effort. Game 3 will be in San Fran tomorrow.

Rutgers player Eric Legrand Paralyzed

Finally in sad news - Rutgers defensive lineman Eric Legrand was paralyzed from the neck down following a violent collision this weekend. Legrand will have a long riad to recovery. It's never a definite that one will never walk again. Just ask former Penn state player Adam Taliaferro.