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Phillies Dead Offense, Daughter Sets Mother on Fire, Meth Lab in Blue Bell, and Man Runs Over Kittens


The Omelette Wednesday October 20, 2010

Phillies' Offense Looks Lifeless in 3-0 Loss to Giants

The Phillies' offense was horrid yesterday in a 3-0 loss to the Giants. Matt Cain was nearly flawless, going 7 innings and giving up 2 hits and striking out 5. We've seen their offense go through prolonged funks many times this season, but it appears they have gotten cold at the worst possible time. They will go back at it tonight at 8:07. Joe Blanton will take the hill in Game Four against Madison Bumgartner, whom the Phillies have never faced. Cody (bleeping) Ross also got another big hit yesterday, knocking in a run.

Daughter Sets Her Mother on Fire in Bristol Township

A woman was walking her dog in Bristol Township on Sunday morning when she saw a fire behind a shopping center in Bristol. When firefighters got to the scene they found a woman inside a makeshift homeless shelter which was set ablaze. And, Kimberly Olenchock was found inside screaming while on fire. They managed to put out the fire and take her mother to a nearby hospital, but she did not survive the ordeal. Her daughter Rebecca Olenchock fled and was tracked down in Tennessee. She'll be extradited to PA and charged with first degree murder. The two reportedly got into an argument Sunday morning when Rebecca Olenchock snapped and tied her mother down to a bed inside the makeshift shelter and thus setting her on fire.

Drunken Man Runs Over Two Kittens and Threatens to Eat Them

A man was charged with running over two kittens with his truck because he apparently wanted to eat them. Francis McGinley allegedly was drunk while driving his truck and decided to hit the two kittens so he could eat them. He then brought them to a boarding house he resides at and was confronted by his roommates about why he had two bloody kittens in his possession. When one of his roommates questioned him about why he brought the injured cats home, he allegedly said “I ran these two cats over with my truck and now they’re my dinner. I’m going to eat them.” McGinley denies everything and claims he doesn't even drive and loves animals. If I were a betting man I'd say he was drunk behind the wheel and isn't operating with a full deck.

45-Year-Old Man Busted For Operating Meth Lab

Finally, in today's news involving bottom feeders, Francis Nolan III, a 45-year-old man (living with his mom) was arrested for operating a meth lab in her basement. Dian Nolan contacted authorities when she noticed a suspicious smell in the basement. When cops came they made the discovery. One has to wonder just how oblivious does someone have to be to not notice a meth lab being run in their own house?! Granted his Mom is 80 years old so she gets a little bit of a pass. That's still a pretty major oversight. Better late than never I suppose.