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Tony Romo Fractured Clavicle, Reading Woman Killed Babies, and Dog Mutilated in Philadelphia


The Omelette Tuesday October 26, 2010

Tony Romo Fractures Clavicle in Loss to Giants

Now that the Cowboys are 1-5 and Tony Romo is likely done for the year we can put a fork in them. Romo suffered a fractured clavicle injury when he was hit by Michael Boley in the second quarter of their loss to the Giants. He landed hard on his left shoulder and will likely miss the rest of the season with a fractured clavicle. One report cites that Romo will be out  6-8 weeks, but by then the season will nearly be over.  It may have been a brutal weekend for us in the Philly area, but at least we know the Cowboys' season is down the toilet.

Allen Iverson Sign 2-Year Deal With Turkish League

Former 76er Allen Iverson is set to sign a 2-year contract with Turkish basketball team Besiktas. Iverson has fallen on tough times and is desperate to earn a paycheck any way possible. The contract is reported to be worth $4 million.

Reading Woman Charged With Murdering Babies

A Reading woman is being charged with the murder of four of her babies conceived during the past four years. The remains of the babies were found in her closet and in concrete. Michele Kalina, 44, of Reading allegedly murdered four of her newborn kids and hid the corpses.

Dog Mutiliated and Left on Woman's Doorstep

A missing Siberian Husky was mutilated and left on a woman's doorstep early this morning. The incident is believed to have arisen over a growing dispute with a former neighbor who previously vandalized her home. This is not only a sad story, but a frightening story as well. For a person to do this to someone's pet is despicable and speaks to this individual's lack of regard for life.

Time to Root For Cliff Lee Once Again

Now that the Phillies are home fishing we can all unite and root for the Rangers particularly Cliff Lee, who will go up against Tim Lincecum in Game One on Wednesday night.