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Sunday Omelette: Happy Halloween, Rally to Restore Sanity, early start for World Series Game 3, and Time Change Fall 2010


The Omelette October 31, 2010: Weekend Roundup

Happy Halloween Everyone!

Today of course, is Halloween. With no Eagles game (bye week) and no Phillies game (ugh), you moms and dads out there can get the head start on trick or treat times in the early afternoon. If by some strange chance you don't have a costume yet, check out Kristen Hagopian's article HERE!

Rally to Restore Sanity

The "Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear,"  hosted by Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert, drew 250,000 in Washington D.C. yesterday. Celebrities such as Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Father Guido Sarducci, Sam Waterston, The Roots, and even Ozzy Osbourne made appearances at the event, which according to some Republicans was organized to Re-Energize the Democratic Party just three days before the upcoming election. Sean O'Brien and Dennis Bakay have written articles on Philly2Philly about the event. I'm sure you can catch the replay on Comedy Central if you missed it Saturday.

Early start for World Series Game 3

Not that anyone really cares around here due to the Phillies' recent playoff loss, but the 7pm EST starting slot for the stinkin' Giants-Rangers World Series game last night was the earliest start for a World Series Game since Game 6 of the 1987 Fall Classic between the Twins and Cardinals. After 23 years, the geniuses at MLB FINALLY get the fact that one of the reasons they lose viewership is because KIDS CAN'T STAY UP LATE TO WATCH THE GAME!!!!!  Anyhow, the Rangers won, And kids, that's all that matters right now. Cut that defecit, Texas!!

Oddly enough, Thursday night's Game 2 was the second lowest rating ever for a Game 2 in World Series History.

The lowest you ask? Game 2 of the 2008 World Series between the Phillies and Rays...........Figures!

Today also happens to be the two-year anniversary of the BEST parade in Philly sports history as the Phillies celebrated their second World Series championship down Broad Street. Seems like yesterday. One of these years we'll get another one. Don't know when, but we will.

When do you turn your clocks back in 2010?

For those of you who aren't sure when the time change for 2010 will take place- Daylight Savings Time is next Sunday, November 7th.

You have one more week until that extra hour of sleep guys!

Happy Halloween Everyone!!!!