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Veteran's Day, Cam Newton Auburn Scandal, and Sixers Lose To Kevin Durant


The Omelette Thursday November 11, 2010 Veteran's Day

Veteran's Day And Yes Banks Are Closed

Today marks Veteran's Day. If you have a friend or loved one who served be sure to thank them. And yes if you are curious banks are closed today. You won't get any mail either as all gov't offices including post offices are closed today as well. And, if you need some good Veteran's Day quotes for the students in your class, check out this site.

Cam Newton Auburn Saga

Auburn Quarterback and Heisman hopeful Cam Newton may join a special club - a club of great college players who get suspended due to foolish comments by a parent. In this case his dad said they picked Auburn because the money was better. Turns out he left Florida after being caught cheating. Thanks a lot pop for that brilliant statement. Newton is under investigation now and may not even finish the season let alone win the Heisman.

Sixers Fall to Kevin Durant

Perhaps the only reason to watch the Sixers so far this season was last night when they played Kevin Durant of the Oklahoma City Thunder. Durant scored 31 and they beat the hapless sixers who are now 2-6. Durant may be the best player in the NBA and potentially the greatest scorer since Michael Jordan. He's an amazing talent.