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Kensington Serial Rapist Strangler, Michael Vick Fantasy Football History, and Donovan McNabb Contract


The Omelette Wednesday November 17, 2010

Third Women Attacked and Strangled in Kensington

Turns out that a third woman was raped and strangled in Kensington, but the attack occured prior to two recent murders. Fortunately, she survived and was able to give police a description of the potential serial rapist and serial killer. In fact, there may be a possible serial killer on the loose now. On November 3, Elaine Goldberg, a nursing student at Gwynedd Mercy College, was murdered. Her body was found in a lot at 2800 Ruth Street. And, ten days later, Nicole Piacentini's body was found in a lot at 1907 East Cumberland. Both women were choked to death and sexually assaulted. In that very same lot sometime in October, the third victim told police she was choked and raped. Hopefully the "Kensington Strangler" is caught immediately.

Michael Vick's Performance Among Greatest Fantasy Football Performances

I'm sure millions of people were bailed out by Michael Vick's insane performance on Monday night. Yours truly was down by a bunch of points in my hometown Yahoo league which I participate in with a bunch of friends from my hometown Pottstown. Michael Vick ended up scoring 57 points for me and 45 in just the first half alone! A writer from NFL.com writes that Michael Vick's Monday Night performance against the Redskins in which he accounted for over 400 yards of total offense (including 80 rushing yards) and 6 Touchdowns is historic. Michael Fabiano, a writer for NFL.com writes that Vick's performance is the greatest fantasy football performance by a quarterback since 1960! That happens to be the same year the Eagles won their last championship.

Donovan McNabb's Contract May Not Be As Guaranteed As Originally Thoughts

Turns out that Donovan McNabb was guaranteed just $3.75 million if he's cut after this season according to ESPN.com. Judging from the way his season is going - is there any reason in that McNabbb should be retained for $40 million guaranteed and annual price tag of around $15 million per season. Then again, this is Daniel Snyder we're talking about who is a complete idiot as an owner.