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Lincoln Financial Field Going Fully Green, Four Loko "Criminal Fuel" Banned, and Sixers Worst in Eastern Conference


The Omelette Thursday November 18, 2010

Philadelphia Eagles' Lincoln Financial Field to Go Green

Lincoln Financial Field will become the first major stadium in the world to generate it's own energy. The $300 million project will involve the installation of approximately eighty 20-foot high spiral-shaped wind turbines on the top rim of the stadium along with 2,500 solar panels on the facade. Energy will then be generated on site.

Four Loko "Criminal Fuel" Banned in the USA

Four Loko - the intense malt liquor/energy drink is being banned in the USA. The FDA has ruled that potent drinks like this are illegal. The drink is about the worst thing for teenagers to drink and is nothing but a recipe for criminality. I call the so-called blackout in a can - "criminal fuel." Youngsters these days are already out of control and this drink just adds fuel to the fire. It contains 12% alcohol and each drink contains enough caffeine for several cups of coffee. The drink should have never been produced to begin with, but it's better late than never to ban it once and for all. Phusion Projects, the geniuses behind this disaster have announced they are removing caffeine and other natural stimulants from the drink.

Sixers Become Worst Team in the East

We're only 12 games into the NBA season and the Sixers have already sunk to the bottom of the Eastern Conference with last night's loss to the Raptors. They are now 2-10 on the season and the 2nd worst team in the NBA to the Clippers who are 1-11. Like Al Davis said, "win baby win" - the Sixers need to just "lose baby lose" and secure another top 3 pick in the NBA draft. That's the only chance this team has of ever becoming good again. And, they'll also have to get rid of Elton Brand and Iguodala's immense (horrible) contracts.