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PA Mid-Term Election Day, Giants Win World Series, and Randy Moss Waived


The Omelette Tuesday November 2, 2010

PA Mid-Term Election Day is Here

For those of you sick of the plethora of political ads running - there will be no more annoyances after today. The key races of Joe Sestak/Pat Toomey, Tom Corbett/Dan Onorato, and the races in Delaware in Jersey will be settled today. For a full breakdown of the PA Mid-Term Elections, check out Sean O'Brien's article from last week.

Giants Win World Series

Giants knock off Rangers 3-1 to win 2010 World Series. One thing was clear - the Rangers were no match for the Giants, which makes it all the more painful for Phillies fans. The Giants may turn out to be one of the worst World Series champs ever, but fact of the matter is they got hot and are the champs. Lincecum was dominant once again while Cliff Lee...wasn't Cliff Lee. Prior to this World Series, Lee was undefeated in the postseason heading into the World Series, but was 0-2 against the Giants. The Giants won the series 4 games to 1.

Randy Moss Gets Waived by Vikings

Less than one month into the Randy Moss era, the Vikings decided to waive him after a news conference where he all but slapped Brad Childress in the face. Really it's a stupid move on their part. Sure they want to put up a facade of control, but the Vikings wasted a third round pick on him. For Eagles fans who are hoping for Randy Moss to land here, don't count on it. Teams with the worst records get the first crack at him and there are plenty of teams with records worse than the Eagles' 4-3 mark.


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