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17th Annual 2010 Philadelphia Marathon Complete, Eva Longoria Divorce, Michael Vick Contract, and Eagles-Giants Sunday Night


The Omelette Sunday November 21, 2010

17th Annual 2010 Philadelphia Marathon Coming To A Close

It's nearly 9:30 A.M. and the 17th Annual Philadelphia Marathon is nearly completed. The start/finish line is at 22nd street and the Parkway. The 26-mile course loops through Center City, Penn's Landing, Manayunk and back to 22nd and the Parkway. However, many roads will still be closed until 4 P.M. despite the morning finish of the Marathon including the Ben Franklink Parkway, Kelly Drive,and many others. Your best bet is to check out KYW1060 for up-to-date traffic news if you're in a bind. There are 40,000 spectators down in the city for the Philadelphia marathon.

Michael Vick Can Be Franchised If Contract Deal Not Reached

Worried about Michael Vick skipping town after this season? Fear not - he can be slapped with the franchise tag after the season. With that said, there is the possibility of a lockout next year, so it may throw free agency up in the air entirely for all players.

Eva Longoria - Tony Parker Divorce

It's official folks. Eva Longoria has filed for divorce with husband Tony Parker. One of the NBA's highest profile couples is no longer. Some are dubbing Tony Parker as Tiger Woods "light" due to his scandal. In my opinion, the Tony Parker scandal is just proof that nothing is shocking any longer.

Eagles - Giants Sunday Night

Finally, the Eagles take on the Giants tonight at 8:30 on NBC. Both squads are 6-3 and the winner will take over first place in the NFC East. With that said, there's a lot of football to be played and the Eagles will still have three more division games to play in the final six weeks of the regular season. It's amazing that the NFL only scheduled one division matchup for the Eagles in their first eight games, which was the game against the Redskins several weeks ago. And, even though the Cowboys are bottom feeders this year, the Eagles can ill-afford to look past them when they finally do play them. Back to tonight's game. Look for the Eagles to rush Eli Manning early and often tonight and force him into making mistakes. Manning has 13 interceptions this season.