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Eagles Defeat Giants, Ellis Hobbs Ok After Neck Injury, Dave Tollefson Dirty Hit, and JFK Assassination Anniversary


The Omelette Monday November 22, 2010

Eagles Take Over First Place in NFC East With Win Over Giants

Things got scary in the second half last night during the Eagles - Giants game. First, Ellis Hobbs had to be taken off the field in a stretcher after returning the first kickoff of the third quarter. More on that later. Then, the Giants took the lead in the 4th quarter. Ultimately, the Eagles got the stops in the end and a big score to defeat the Giants 27-17. It was a great win for the Eagles and despite many people's doubts about this team, they are the best team in the NFC right now.  They knocked off a Giants team that came into the game with the #1 ranked defense in the NFL and the #2 ranked offense.

Ellis Hobbs Is OK Following Neck Injury Incurred From Dirty Hit

Ellis Hobbs has full use of his extremeties following a nasty hit, which resulted in a neck injury last night. He was returning the opening kickoff of the second half when Giants' Dave Tollefson clearly delivered a dirty hit on Ellis Hobbs. Hobbs laid on the field for several minutes before being taken off the field on a stretcher. According to team officials, he's doing fine today and the x-rays were negative. Back onto Tollefson. The hit was clearly dirty and he should have been penalized. The non-call is one of the worst non-calls in recent memory.

Today Marks 47th Anniversary of JFK's Assassination

November 22, 1963 is another historic day, which will live in infamy. It marks the day when JFK was assassinated. It's a day when America lost it's innocense and it marked the beginning of the wild and instable era of the 1960's. The 1960's became a decade known for the Vietnam War, demonstrations, and multiple assassinations of key political figures  (John F Kennedy, Robert Kennedy, Martin Luther King Jr., and Malcom X). November 22, 1963 was the day when America would end as everybody knew it.