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The Spectrum's Anti-Climactic Demolition, Vince Young Meltdown, and Two Temple Football Players Accused of Rape


Anti-Climactic Demolition of The Spectrum Begins Today

In what will go down as one of the historic demolitions in recent memory, the demolition of The Spectrum is also one of the most anti-climactic demolitions as well. The Spectrum won't be imploded. Rather, it will be demolished slowly - over a four-month period. The demolition will begin today when the wrecking ball ceremony takes place this afternoon.

Vince Young's Meltdown of Mythical Proportions

Vince Young probably played his last game in Tennessee on Sunday when he was yanked from the game following a thumb injury and had a meltodwn of collosal proportions.  He didn't accept his benching at all and threw his shoulder pads and jersey into the stands. Added to that, he basically told his coach Jeff Fisher to bleep himself and he got into a fight with teammate Michael Griffin in the lockerroom. Last night it was announced that Young would miss the rest of the season because of the thumb injury. Vince Young doesn't deserve to play another down in the NFL after his  childish meltdown, but some team will probably take a chance on him in light of Michael Vick's complete turn-around.

Two Temple Football Players Accused of Rape

Two Temple football players are being accused of raping a fellow student inside a dormatory over the weekend. The identity of the two football players is being withheld at this point while the investigation goes on.