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National Opt Out Protest, More Attacks in Philadelphia, Thanksgiving 2010, and North Korea - South Korea Conflict


The Omelette Wednesday November 24, 2010

National Opt Out Day Protest A Potential Nightmare For Travelers

Upset with the new invasive airport scanners, which reveal the private parts of those who go through them, many are calling for a National Opt Out Day today. The day before Thanksgiving is one of - if not the busiest travel day of the year in America. And, what this Opt Out Day seeks to do is disrupt the "flow" at airports in order to prove their point. For those who are traveling today it would be wise to just bite the bullett and go through the scanners. It's over and done with in 30 seconds, as opposed to a full pat-down, which an take up to 3 minutes. Do the math and you're talking about waiting 6 times the amount of time in that line. If you're willing to stick to your principles (boycotting the scanners) then by all means do so, but you're going to be waiting a long time and also causing headaches for fellow passengers who don't have a choice. That's the travesty in all of this.

Police Believe A Pattern Exists With Sexual Assaults In Philadelphia

Two recent sexual assaults in Philadelphia have a pattern to them in that the women were attacked after getting out of their cabs.  Authorities think it may be related to the rapes and strangling deaths of multiple women in Kensington.

Thanksgiving 2010 Being Overshadowed By North Korea - South Korea Conflict

As millions of Americans are set to celebrate Thanksgiving 2010, the holiday is being overshadowed by the sceptre of a possible war between North and South Korea. North Korea launched an artillery attack upon a South Korean island yesterday and will possibly face an enormous retaliation. Complicating matters is that China is an ally of the clandestine nation. Should the U.S. get involved it will make for an international mess.


1:25 AM
Thu Nov 25 2010
north korea

In a very sharp escalation of stress, North Korea has attacked South Korea. Both North and South Korea confirm that Yeonpyeong Island was shelled this morning, though there is debate over which country shot first. You will find multiple buildings on fire after the attack.