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The Omelette Weekly Roundup: Black Friday 2010, Online Deals, Pirate Bay Founders, The Beatles iTunes Sales, Ugly Betty Murder, and Eagles - Bears Game


The Omelette Friday November 26, 2010 Weekly Roundup Black Friday

Black Friday 2010 Has Arrived

The day shoppaholics have been waiting for since last year has arrived; Black Friday. For those of you who waited in line at Walmart for the midnight Black Friday sales to begin you are likely pretty happy now if you scored a 32" Emerson LCD TV for $198 or the 42" for $398. Some of you even scored the 8 GB iPod Touch for $225. Or, the E Machine laptop for $198. For those of you who braved the cold at Target for the 4 A.M. Black Friday opening you're loving the fact that you scored a 42" Westinghouse LCD TV for $300. I know they're known for toasters, but who cares - it's a 40" LCD TV for 300 clams. How often will you see that type of deal? The reality is, if you didn't wait in line this early, you won't be one of the lucky ones who scored these amazing deals.

 For those of us, including myself who opted to sleep in - what type of deals can we expect to get now that the vultures have scooped up the hottest deals? Call them the Black Friday leftovers. At Target you may be able to still get your hands on a digital camera for $79 - a $60 savings. On other note - the word on Twitter is that Apple's savings aren't so great compared to other stores. You can save a whopping $100 on a new computer or $40 on an iPad. When you consider it costs over $1500 for a new Mac, that's not a very good deal to entice people to come in. But, on the flip-side if you are going to buy a Mac you understand the cost involved. There are also many online Black Friday deals if you don't want to deal with the long lines and overwhelming crowds. Finally, if you're at the Philadelphia Premium Outlets today, expect mayhem and long lines, but plenty of deals. Here is a run-down of all of the deals at the Philadelphia Premium Outlets on Black Friday and this weekend.

And, now the roundup...

North Korea announced they are on the brink of war just a few days after launching a brazen attack against South Korea.

The founders of Pirate Bay have been sentenced to one year in jail and were fined $6.5 million.

The Beatles are on fire once again, having sold 2 million songs on iTunes in just their first week. On another note, Philly2Philly's Joe Vallee interviewed broadcasting legend Larry Kane who spoke at length about his experiences with the members of The Beatles.

 An actor from the show Ugly Betty is being charged with the decapatation murder of his mother.

Finally, the Eagles fly out to Chicago to take on the Bears this Sunday at 4:15. Don't expect them to walk over the Bears. Turns out they will luck out with the weather though. Sunday, it's expected to be Sunny and near 45 degrees at gametime. This time of the year, that's about as good as it gets in The Windy City.