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Boise State's Kyle Brotzman Imitates Scott Norwood, Obama Injured - Gets Stitches, and Beyonce Divorce Twitter Rumor


The Omelette Saturday November 27, 2010

Boise State Kicker Kyle Brotzman Ruins Boise State's Season

Boise State saw their national championship hopes go up in smoke last night when their kicker Kyle Brotzman missed not one, but two clutch field goals. Boise State had the game in their hands with just 2 seconds left and Brotzman couldn't punch in a 29-yard field goal. And, in overtime - Brotzman blew a field goal attempt again - this time a 26-yarder. Nevada promptly took the ball on the next possession and won the game with a field goal - knocking off Boise State 34-31. Not only did the loss snap Boise State's 24-game winning streak, but their national title hopes are shot. Brotzman's epic fail ranks up there with the likes of Scott Norwood's infamous "wide right" miss in Super Bowl XXV between the Bills and Giants.

Obama Injured In Pick-Up Basketball Game, Receives 12 Stitches to Lip

Well this is a first - a sitting U.S. President getting injured in a pick-up basketball game. President Barack Obama received the injury when he was elbowed in his lip during the game and received 12 stitches. Even though Obama will be roasted for the next few days, this is still nowhere near as bad as George W. Bush nearly choking on pretzels while watching the Texas Longhorns game. With that said, "Obama Gets Stitches Playing Hoops" makes for a pretty funny headline in any newspaper. Obama's injury will provide late night talk shows with some quality fodder for sure.

Beyonce Divorce...Nothing But Another Twitter Rumor

Twitter and Google are blowing up with over the "Beyonce Divorce" topic. All it is, is a Twitter rumor gone awry. According to babble.com - "BieberTeamNY, who has more than 57,000 followers, tweeted #beyoncegotdivorced a few times, and the topic immediately took off, becoming one of the worldwide top trending topics in a matter of hours. So, relax folks, Beyonce and Jay-Z - one of the most powerful couples in entertainment are not divorcing. This is the problem with Twitter. Someone can tweet something with no truth and it gets picked up, becomes a trend, and it spreads like wildfire. Life goes on...