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Sunday Omelette: Cyber Monday Office Shoppers, Eagles-Bears, and Randy Shannon


The Omelette Sunday November 28, 2010

Cyber Monday Office Shoppers A Big Deal

There are expected to be 70 million people shopping online on Cyber Monday tomorrow. Out of those 70 million, experts predict 55% of Cyber Monday shoppers are going to be shopping from their desks - not at home, but at work. This will surely drive the conservative bosses insane - you know the ones I'm talking about, who look over your shoulder hoping to bust you on Facebook, or catch you updating your fantasy football lineup, or making your football pool picks. While nearly 30% of Americans were shopping on Black Friday, many prefer Cyber Monday to the long lines and crowds. And, what a better place to get those deals on Cyber Monday then from your desk at work? Remember if you don't have internet access at work, you can always use your smartphone though to subvert those pesky bosses.

Eagles - Bears at 4:15

The Eagles are out in Chi-town and will take on the Bears without Asante Samuel, which is a huge loss. Juqua Paker is questionable. Look for this game to be a defensive slugfest. The edge goes to the Bears - who have the NFL's best defense and the home crowd on their side.

Randy Shannon Fired at Miami

Remember when the Miami Hurricanes used to be a college football powerhouse? Seems like eons ago when they nearly pulled off two straight national championships. Head coach Randy Shannon was fired after they had another mediocre season, finishing at 7-5. I bet they wish they had Butch Davis now. Perhaps they should just outbid other schools and pay their players more money. You know what they say - money talks and BS walks. They should take a page from Auburn's Cam Newton pay-to-play playbook.