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Cyber Monday a Prelude to the Future, Eagles Lose to Bears, and Canada's Leslie Nielsen Dies


The Omelette Monday November 29, 2010 - Cyber Monday Edition

Why Cyber Monday Will Eventually Usurp Black Friday

Cyber Monday is a prelude to the future of shopping in America. Today it's estimated some 70 million people will shop online for deals, which rival those found on Black Friday. For corporations - Cyber Monday means not having to worry about a brick and morter establishment, paying people to check out customers, paying for security guards, and paying to heat and light the building. Eventually Cyber Monday will usurp Black Friday as the biggest shopping day of the year. And, as more people retreat to their computers to avoid the long lines, companies will gear towards more efforts to get people to shop online. Think about it. It's less overheard for corporations and much more convenient for customers. It won't be out of the question that someday - perhaps in our lifetimes, most shopping will be done from within the home.

Eagles' Loss to Bears More About Defensive Struggles

Many will point to the slippery field and the Eagles' red zone failures for the key reasons as to why the Eagles lost to the Bears in Chicago yesterday. But, the bottom line is they gave up four touchdowns to Jay Cutler and didn't intercept one pass of his. That's unacceptable. The Eagles have to regroup quickly and will have just a few days to prepare for the Texans game on Thursday.

Leslie Nielsen One of Canada's Most Well-Known Actor Dies at 84

Canadian-born Leslie Nielsen, who had a 6-decade career and who is best known for his roles in Airplane and the Naked Gun movies has passed away at the age of 84. He died from complications due to pneumonia. Nielsen was born in Canada and may be the most well-known Canadian actor of his generation. Other famous Canadian-born actors include Ryan Reynolds, Jim Carey, Dan Aykroyd, and Mike Myers.