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Chris Christie Vs. Fed, Leslie Nielsen, Betty White, and South Philly Teen Murders Mother


The Omelette Tuesday November 30, 2010

Feds Tell Chris Christie that New Jersey Must Cough Up $271 Million

Chris Christie was informed by the Fed, that Jersey must cought up $271 million by Christmas after cancelling a rail tunnel project. It's Christie's latest battle as New Jersey Governor. This is according to a debt notice obtained by the AP.

Leslie Nielsen Like Betty White Was an Ageless Wonder

The sad news of Leslie Nielsen's passing marks the death of yet another Hollywood legend. Leslie Nielsen was truly an ageless wonder much like Betty White. He didn't really rise to superstardom until he was in his 60's and embodied class and limitless youth. Betty White, like Nielsen was in the business for many, many years but didn't become a household name until starring in the Golden Girls in the 1980's. By that point she was in her 60's. Betty White's resurgence over the past year has been legendary - including her classic appearance on SNL. Unfortunately, Leslie Nielsen won't get to humor audiences any longer. Mr. Nielsen was 84 years old when he passed away yesterday.

South Philadelphia Teen Admits to Murdering Mother

A 16-year-old South Philadelphia boy has admitted to brutally murdering his mother. On top of that, the boy allegedly dragged his mother's bloody lifeless corpse into an alley filled with feces, wire and trash behind the home, and then tried to cover it up with debris according to Sgt. Tim Cooney. Due to the boy's age, his identity is being withheld.