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Cat Put in Microwave, Sixers Win First Game, and Kobe Bryant Playing in 2012 Olympics


The Omelette Thursday November 4, 2010

Cat Thrown Out of Window in Microwave

Two teens were arrested in Philadelphia for throwing a cat in a microwave then throwing it out of a window of an apartment.  The two creeps reside in the Juniata section of Philadelphia. The two teens had the temerity to not only throw the cat in the microwave, but to the throw the microwave out a window while the cat was still in it. On top of it all they recorded this vile act on cell phone. Fortunately the cat survived. Even better yet, both perps were arrested by police.

Sixers Finally Win a Game

The Sixers were 0-4 on the year after losing to John Wall (picked ahead of Evan Turner) and the Washington Wizards in overtime the night before. The Sixers blew out of the Pacers 101-75 last night, notching their first win of the season. Considering that the Sixers pretty much stink, what does that tell you about the Pacers? Coach Doug Collins stayed in the locker room during the second half, suffering from vertigo symptoms, stemming from a concussion he suffered during Memorial Day weekend. Collins is supposedly fine.

Kobe Bryant to Play in 2012 Olympics

Lakers superstar and Lower Merion product Kobe Bryant announced he'll play in the 2012 Olympics. Bryant announced he's ready to defend "The Olympic Gold" in 2012.