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Abandoned Puppy Tied to Pole, Life in Prison for Cop Killer, and Wade Phillips Fired


The Omelette Tuesday November 8, 2010

Abandoned Puppy Tied to Telephone Pole

Wilmington Delaware authorities were able to rescue an abandoned puppy before it was too late. The abandoned dog, a 3-month-old Shepherd-Doberman mix was tied to a telephone pole for three days and was clinging to life after not eating or drinking the entire time. A 17-year-old Wilmington resident named Terry Strange who abandoned the puppy (obviously not a master of the English language) had this to say about his dastardly crime, “I aint wanna take the dog nowhere and then just leave it there... I was just gonna hold it and give it to someone that wanted the dog and was going to take care of the dog,” Strange said. The 17-year-old perp now faces animal abuse charges. If the laws were different in our country, he should probably face a far worse punishment.

Cop Killer Rasheed Scrugs Gets Life in Prison

Rasheed Scrugs, the murderer of Officer John Pawlowski, was given life in prison after a jury was deadlocked on whether or not to give Scrugs the death penalty or life in prison. Pawlowski's family was outraged and rightly so. It's a no-brainer that Scrugs should be sentenced to death for the execution of Pawlowski. Unfortunately, the jury couldn't come to a unamimous decision.

Dallas Cowboys Coach Wade Phillips Fired, Jason Garrett to Step in As Interim Coach

Eagles fans will enjoy the fact that the Dallas Cowboys are enduring their worst season in 20 years. They are 1-7 and fired their coach (Wade Phillips). It marks the first time the Cowboys ever fired a coach during the season. Jason Garrett will take over as interim head coach.