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Police Dog Killed By Robber, Child Rapist Jose Carrasquillo Sentenced, and Federal Pay Freeze


The Omelette Wednesday December, 1 2010

Police Dog Thrown Into Moving Traffic By Robbery Suspect

Police were chasing after a robbery suspect in Blackwood New Jersey last night and unleashed a K-9 Police dog. The suspect then stopped in his tracks, picked up the dog, and threw it into oncoming traffic. The police dog was killed immediately. Police were responding to a robbery at Lucky Dragon Chinese Restaurant on the 400 block of E Church Street in Blackwood, N.J. at around 7 P.M. last night. One of the perps was caught and arrested, but the other one is loose.

Child Rapist Jose Carrasquillo Gets 30 to 66 Years in Prison

Jose Carrasquillo, the man who raped an 11-year-old girl was sentenced yesterday. If you remember, the attack resulted in the community searching for the suspect for a few days after the attack. When he was caught, an angry mob beat him up badly and rightfully so. Carrasquillo was sentenced for 30-to-66 years in prison.

Federal Pay Freeze Going Into Effect?

Say it isn't so. The Federal government employees will be asked to take a pay freeze like many of us working stiffs. Federal employees will have their wages frozen for two years. The order was mandated by President Obama to cut spending. The Federal pay freeze is long overdue, but just one of many actions which need to be taken to control the rampant government spending.