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Bernie Sanders' Ultimate Filibuster, Miley Cyrus Salvia Bong Video, and Kensington Vigil


The Omelette Saturday December 11, 2010

The 2010 Army-Navy Game today at Lincoln Financial Field

In a tradition that's almost as old as the Philadelphia Phillies, the 111th Army-Navy Game  will take place today at Lincoln Financial Field. Coverage begins at 11:30 on CBS. Navy has beaten Army the last eight games rather convincingly, and Army comes into today's game as a seven point underdog. 

Democratic Senator Bernie Sanders' Self-serving 8-hour Filibuster Speech

Politics in America reached a new low Friday when Democratic Senator Bernie Sanders filibustered the tax debate for 8 hours. The bottom line is that in today's world of politics the Democrats and Republicans have to make serious concessions to get anything done. In the case of the tax cut extensions and unemployment extensions, it's not happening unless the Democrats give the Republicans a big concession, which comes in the form of extending tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans. Bernie Sanders could care less though. Like many politicians, he would rather hear himself speak...for 8 hours.

Miley Cyrus' Infamous Salvia Bong Video

Miley Cyrus has gotten herself into her first official scandal. She's had a pretty easy ride so far and now done something foolish, by allowing a friend to record video of her smoking the hallucenogenic drug salvia from a water bong. Cyrus dropped a few S-bombs during the video and was clearly jacked up. Her father Billy Ray Cyrus was upset and took to Twitter to express his sadness over the incident. Ultimately, Miley Cyrus will come out of this just fine. As she enters her late-teens and twenties she will shed the ivory clean image for the "bad girl" image and this will only fuel it.

Vigil in Kensington for Kensington Strangler Victims

There was a vigil in Kensington Friday night for the victims of the Kensington Strangler. Hundreds of Kensington residents, Philadelphia citizens, including the mother of victim Elaine Goldberg and parents of Nicole Piacentini.