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Sunday Omelette: Florida's Shocking Hiring of Will Muschamp, Urban Meyer the Quitter, and Wild Weather in Philadelphia Area


The Omelette Sunday December 12, 2010

Florida Goes Deep and Shocks the World With Hiring WIll Muschamp

You read that right. Florida is replacing legendary coach Urban Meyer with a nobody named Will Muschamp. Who the bleep is Will Muschamp you're probably wondering? I was too. He happened to be the Texas Longhorns defensive coordinator and heir apparent down there. In texas he's well known. Everywhere else we have no clue who he is. Now he will take over one of college football's powerhouses.

Now, onto Urban Meyer Quitting as the Florida Coach

Urban Meyer, meanwhile wants to spend more time with his family, which is becoming the new BS excuse in sports to bail out on your team. Why not just tell the truth and tell Florida University and the public that you don't want to coach any longer because you can't win without Tim Tebow. Granted, Tim Tebow is a horrendous quarterback and won't even last in the NFL for five seasons, but in Urban Meyer's "system" he was a perfect fit. Clearly, Urban Meyer doesn't have the guts to suffer through any losing seasons and would rather take his ball and go home. That's my two cents.

Paul McCartney rocks Saturday Night Live

It was refreshing for a change to see SNL with a musical guest who is playing just for the sake of.....playing!  Paul McCartney didn't have anything new to promote, but he appeared in some skits and rocked out with "Jet," "Band on the Run," "A Day in the Life-Give Peace a Chance," and "Get Back" during the closing credits. There were some vocal rough spots, but then again, it's hard for a 32-year old to sing "Jet," and the 68-year old McCartney was able to pull it off rather well.

Wild Weather Today...Temps Near 60, But Below 30 Tomorrow

Keeping with today's theme of WTF news let's talk about the weather shall we. It's been cold as a witch's you know what for the past week and a half. Rather than getting snow out of the deal today from the epic snowstorm which rocked the Midwest we're going to get rain and lots of it. In fact, it will warm up to 60 degrees, then promptly drop right away into the 20's tomorrow! Tomorrow night it will bottom out into the teens.