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The Eagles Defeat The Cowboys, DeSean Jackson's Stupid Celebration, Al Golden To Miami, and Dexter Disappointing Season 5 Finale


The Omelette Monday December 13, 2010

Eagles Outlast The Cowboys in Big D for First Win in 2 Years

The Eagles got their first win over the Cowboys since the 2008 season thanks to another 4th quarter comeback. Michael Vick was off his game, but the defense hung on just enough as the Eagles defeated the Cowboys 30-27. DeSean Jackson took the ball 91 yards for a touchdown. More on that later. Stewart Bradley is once again out for the season with a dislocated elbow. It's time to say that Bradley is an injury-prone player. He's extremely talented, but the Eagles need to work on Plan B in the draft next year. Great win for the Birds all around. Now onto DesSean Jackson's idiocy last night....

DeSean Jackson's Foolish Endzone Celebration

DeSean Jackson had an electrifying 91-yard touchdown in the 4th quarter and possibly one of the dumbest endzone celebrations in recent memory. Not only was it arrogant of him to stand there with his arms hanging out but flat out stupid prior to FINALLY going into the endzone. DeSean Jackson for all of his talents is not a smart football player. He's one of the biggest divas in the game and don't be surprised if he does screw the team over and hold out in training camp for "mo money." Andy Reid needs to send a message to him that this behavior won't be tolerated any longer. Had he fumbled the ball, this could have had a perilous effect on the Eagles' season.

Al Golden Leaving Temple for Miami Hurricanes

Al Golden proves that many college coaches are prostitutes. Golden, who turned around the Temple program left them in the dust for the "prestigious" Miami Hurricanes job. One thing is certain - they'll be able to give college players many incentives to come to Miami. While I can't prove they pay their players, it's safe to assume that something is rotten in Denmark so to speak. College football has become a big business and there's something to be said for the recent Cam Newton "pay-to-play" controversy. Temple just can't compete with that type of ammo. I won't preach about how Golden should be loyal to Temple. Nobody expected him to stay there for 20 seasons, but he used that University as a stepping stone by only staying there for 5 seasons. Hopefully Temple can find a coach with Golden's recruiting and coaching abilities. It will be difficult since they can't play the game like the big boys.

Dexter Season 5 Episode 12 Finale Recap

Having to choose between watching your favorite football team and favorite show is a tough decision. Since the schedule-makers in the NFL offices have cursed the Eagles by scheduling them on yet another damn Sunday night yours truly opted in favor of watching the Season Finale during the Eagles-Cowboys game. Now onto the recap of last night's Season 5 Dexter Finale. In short it was a very disappointing and far-fetched episode. I think it's the best show on TV and still feel that way, but they took some serious liberties last night.

The first ridiculous moment occurred when Quinn went to meet Liddy just as he was being murdered inside the van. Rather than go into the van when Liddy wouldn't answer him (it's logical to assume a cop would go inside out of curiosity), he stood there and a drop of blood hit his boot. Hopefully this isn't the moment where Dexter jumped the shark, but it was implausible and ludicrious. The other implausible moment occurred towards the end of the episode when Dexter's sister Deborah (Jennifer Carpenter) busted into Jordan Chase's hideout and came into the room where Chase was just executed. Thus, it was logical to assume that Dexter and Lumen would need to make a dramatic escape. While Deborah seemed to support the actions of the vigilante's behind these murders, her character has always stood on the side of law - regardless. Instead, the writers decided to have Deborah lecture them as they stood there obscured by the plastic sheet. All that stood between Dexter and Deborah was that plastic sheet.

 While it was intense, it was ridiculous in the sense of an episode of 24. All in all, last night's episode was a bummer and broke the rules of the show. I can only hope they didn't jump the shark. We shall see when Season 6 comes around in another year on Showtime.