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Cliff Lee's First Interview in Philly, Long Island Serial Killer, and PA Lawyer Possibly Behind Hunting Death


The Omelette Wednesday December 15, 2010

Cliff Lee Speaks For First Time Since Landing in Philly

NBC10 had the exclusive "first" interview with newly-signed Cliff Lee. This marks Cliff Lee's second go-around with the Philadelphia Phillies after signing a 5-year $120 million contract on Monday night.

Possible Long Island Serial Killer?

Four bodies have been discovered on Long Island, which may be linked to some murders in Atlantic City a few years back. Back in 2006, four prostitutes were murdered in Atlantic City. Now, police may have a solid lead.

PA Lawyer Being Investigated in Hunter's Death

David Manilla, a suburban Philadelphia lawyer may be the one behind the death of Barry Groh, who was found dead after killing a buck found near his home last month. Authorities suspect that Groh's death is the result of an "egregious" conduct.