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Terrell Owens Burns Latest Bridge, Bernard Hopkins - Jean Pascal Draw, and ESPN Defends Donovan McNabb


The Omelette Sunday December 19, 2010

Terrell Owens Burns Latest Bridge With Comments

Terrell Owens has once again made himself look like a complete jerk and disgraced another NFL team. His latest comments regarding the Cincinatti Bengals certainly means he'll be with another team next year. Terrell Owens stated that "I can't throw the ball to myself.....I can't do anything else. All I can do is go with the plays that are called and just hope I get some opportunities." If Owens latches on with another team next year, he'll be with his sixth NFL franchise and fourth team in as many years. Terrell Owens changes zip codes like Lady Gaga changes outfits during a performance. While he's one of the all-time greatest receivers in NFL history, Terrell Owens will be known more for creating havoc in the media with his mouth then his play on the field.

Bernard Hopkins - Jean Pascal Fight Results in Draw

Say it isn't so. Bernard Hopkins' latest fight against Jean Pascal has resulted in a draw. When a boxing fight results in a draw it's the ultimate buzz kill. It's as bad watching six seasons of lost and being treated to a terrible finale. Or better yet, investing yourself in nearly a decade of the Sopranos only to find the TV goes to black at the end of the episode. Expect a rematch between Bernard Hopkins and Jean Pascal in the coming months.

ESPN Countdown Team Comes to Donovan McNabb's Defense

While I'll never confuse ESPN with being an objective source of sports news, this is just insane. If you caught Sportscenter this morning then you noticed how outraged Keyshawn Johnson, Chris Berman, and Tom Jackson were over Donovan McNabb's treatment by Mike Shanahan. Donovan McNabb was benched this week by coach Mike Shanahan because he quite frankly stinks. He has 14 TDs and 15 INTs on the season and is completion percentage is 58.3%. Sure, McNabb can never be compared to Rich Gannon in the accuracy department, but his inability to get the ball to receivers has become magnified now that his team is a loser.

 Keyshawn Johnson looked like he was about to cry when he said how McNabb was treated like a piece of garbage because he was told he'll be a second stringer this week and a third stringer next week. Berman and Jackson chimed in and made it no secret how disappointed they were with Shanahan's decision. The bottom line is the Redskins are going nowhere this year and they know their future won't include Donovan McNabb. How dare Mike Shanahan do this to poor Donovan McNabb who can't carry a team on his back at this point in his career?! Boo hoo.

The Redskins are a perennial cellar dweller in the NFC East for good reason - bad decision after bad decision. They have a terrible offensive line, over-the-hill offensive skill players and should have been blown up. McNabb at this point can only thrive on a team that has a good offensive line along with skilled offensive veterans in place. Washington should have known better and the talking heads at ESPN should get a clue. There's a good reason why people in Philadelphia have been criticizing McNabb for years, because his flaws are true - such as his inability to make certain throws, failures in two-minute drives, and poor clutch play.