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Camden To Lay off Half Police Force, Christmas Village Name is Back, and Eagles-Texans Thursday Night


The Omelette Thursday December 2, 2010

Camden To Possibly Eliminate 50% of Their Police Force

Let's get this straight. The City of Camden New Jersey is the second most dangerous city in the country. And, now they might lay off half of their police force due to budget cuts. Talk about insanity. Mayor Dana Redd, a first-term Mayor has called for the firing of 383 city employees including 180 in the police department so they can close a $26.5 million deficit. If there is one city on this side of the country that should go in debt - it's Camden. They need more police if anything. For them to cut half their police force would be akin to waving the white flag and telling the thugs to set up shop and turn it into the next Mexico City. If the newly-elected Dana Redd allows this to happen then she should be thrown in prison for stupidity. Any elected official who would allow such a travesty to go down isn't fit to even run a Deli counter, let alone a city.

Mayor Nutter Decides to Retain Christmas Park Name

In what might be Mayor Nutter's best move in the past several months, he has decided to retain the Christmas Village's name. Due to political correctness, the city decided to be "more inclusive" and changed the signs at the entrance to just say "Village." Which, was a complete joke. If people are upset with a Holiday merchang village being associated with Christmas then maybe they need to take a step back and realize what nation they reside in. The United States of America makes Christmas a national holiday for good reason - it's the day most associated with the holiday season in America. End of story.

Eagles-Texans on Thursday Night

Raise your hand if you're as annoyed as I am with the Eagles being on primetime virutally every week anymore. This is their third primetime game in the past four weeks. Get used to it though folks. Even though this game was scheduled before the season, the Eagles can possibly be moved to more Sunday night games due to the NFL's "flex" schedule where they can move games into the Sunday night slot. For the small minority of people who don't have to wake up before dawn to go to work it's great. But, for the majority of us, it's a pain in the neck to stay up til midnight to watch the Eagles.