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Eagles Break the Giants Hearts, NFL Playoff Picture, and Woman Abducted in Levittown


The Omelette Monday December 20, 2010

Eagles score 4 touchdowns in less than 8 minutes to defeat Giants 38-31

Who would have thought in a million years that Philadelphia would stick it to New York, not once but twice in a week? First with Cliff Lee signing with the Phillies last week (passing over the Yankees) and now with the Eagles' miraculous comeback against the Giants. The Miracle at the Meadowlands Part 2 is something we may never again see in our lifetimes. Then again, with the way Michael Vick is playing - anything is possible. The Eagles were down 31-10 with 7:43 remaining in the 4th quarter and four touchdowns later including DeSean Jackson's game-ending punt return for a touchdown, the Giants may be finished. Make no mistake about it, losses like these can crush a team. In this case it can result in sweeping changes after the season. Should the Giants screw this up and miss the playoffs you can count on a new coach and many other changs within their organization. It's safe to say that the Eagles now have the Giants' number after beating them six straight times. Tom Coughlin was chewing out the punter of the Giants after the debacle, but the Giants' historic collapse was a team (non)effort.

NFL Playoff Picture Now that Eagles are in the Driver's Seat

Now that the Eagles are up one game with two to play, they hold the keys to the NFC East. If they beat the Vikings next week then they clinch the division. The Atlanta Falcons are currently the #1 seed in the NFC with 12 wins. The Eagles still have an outside chance to take the #1 seed should they win out and Atlanta lose out, but it's unlikely since the Falcons play the Saints and Panthers in their final two games. They should have no trouble beating the Panthers. Stranger things have happened though. Back in 2008 the Eagles were dead in the water and Tampa Bay faced the Oakland Raiders in the last game of the year and choked, which enabled the Eagles to get in. Other teams in the NFC in playoff position are the Saints (10 wins), Bears (9 wins), Giants (9 wins), and the Packers and Bucs (8 wins each). The AFC is pretty much a one-horse race for the #1 seed now that New England has 12 wins. The Jets, Steelers and Ravens are the next closest teams with 10 wins each. The Colts and Jaguars have 8 wins each and the Chiefs (9 wins) and Chargers (8 wins) are duking it out for the AFC West title.

Woman Abducted in Levittown...Suspect Caught

The prime suspect in a woman's abduction in Levittown has been caught, but he's not telling authorities where Diane Corado is. Kenneth Lamon Patterson stormed into home of Diane Corado in a violent home invasion and then abducted her. Ms. Corado's whereabouts are unknown at this point.