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Lunar Eclipse on Day of Winter Solstice, DeSean Jackson A Superstar, and Tracy Morgan Kidney Transplant


The Omelette Tuesday December 21, 2010

DeSean Jackson's Rise to Superstar Status

Sometimes it takes a monster performance in the playoffs for a really good player to become a superstar. Other times it takes an epic comeback by a quarterback. In DeSean Jackson's case it was his legendary game-winning punt return for a touchdown with time expiring. Matt Dodge is the symbol of hatred amongst New York Giants fans after kicking it to Jackson Sunday with just seconds left in the 4th quarter of the Eagles-Giants game. And, the rest is history. Not only has DeSean Jackson become the first NFL player in history to return a punt in the closing seconds of an NFL game, but he is a national superstar in one of the four biggest markets of the country. DeSean Jackson is no longer just a great receiver for the Eagles, he's one of the faces of the NFL following this play - now known as The Miracle in the Meadowlands Part II.

Tracy Morgan on the Mend Following Kidney Transplant

30 Rock star and comic genius Tracy Morgan is recovering following a kidney transplant. Talk about a surprising story! Who knew Tracy Morgan was even sick? What is amazing is that he will only miss the filming of two episodes of the NBC show as he recovers. He is set to return in front of the camera shortly after the holidays. Morgan who suffers from diabetes didn't take the disease seriously until recent years. Tina Fey's character explains that he suffered a "postive meltdown" to cover for his absence.

Total Lunar Eclipse on Same Day as Winter Soltice

On the first official day of winter, also known as Winter Solstice, there was a lunar eclipse visible in the northeast earlier this morning. If you were a nerd like myself then you woke up around 3:30 A.M. to check out the vibrant reddish-orange moon in the sky during the lunar eclipse. While it's not a rare event like a total eclipse of the sun, it is pretty rare for it to happen to fall on the same day as the start of winter. According to National Geographic, this is the first lunar eclipse to fall on the first day of winter in almost 400 years! Check out this video of the total lunar eclipse from Philly2Philly's Joe Vallee.