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Kensington Strangler Confirmed A Serial Killer, 2010 Census Results in Republican Victories, and Michael Vick's Magical Season Continues


The Omelette Wednesday December 22, 2010

Philadelphia Police Confirm Kensington Strangler's Third Victim and Announce He's a Serial Killer

The Philadelphia Police Department has publicly announced for the first time that the Kensington Strangler is a serial killer. They confirmed through a DNA analysis that Casey Mahoney was the Kensington Strangler's third victim. Mayor Nutter called him a psycho and Philadelphia police said he's a legitimate serial killer. There is currently a reward for $37,000 leading to the capture of the Kensington Strangler.

2010 Census Results in Shift Towards Red States

Florida, Texas, and Georgia (among many other red states) are the big winners after results of the 2010 U.S. Census will award more Congressional seats to these states, thereby taking them away from Blue States such as New Jersey and Pennsylvania. This shift is a result of millions of Americans relocating from colder climates in the Northeast to warmer states in the south. The Democrats' shellacking continues.

Michael Vick Named NFC Offensive Player of the Week for Third Time

Michael Vick's magical 2010 comeback season gets better and better. He has been named the NFC Offensive Player of the Week a third time.

White Christmas Possible in Philadelphia?

Don't get your hopes up too much for a white Christmas in Philly this weekend. The storm might not hit until Saturday night according to Hurricane Schwartz. We do stand a good chance of having some snow on Sunday though.