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Larry Brown Bails Again, Rex Ryan Foot Video Distraction, and Snow To Arrive Sunday Night Now


The Omelette Thursday December 23, 2010

Larry Brown Bails on Yet Another Franchise...Skipping Out on Charlotte Bobcats

Once again Larry Brown has given up on a team. This time he resigned from his head coaching position with the Charlotte Bobcats in just his third season. The Bobcats were horrendous this year and Brown quit on the team, which is pretty lousy. Sure they were 9-19, but to point to personnel decisions made during the offseason is a joke. Larry Brown had a hand in all player decisions. The bottom line is he and Jordan together made bad personnel decisions and the team stinks so he's taking his ball and going home. ESPN is saying he was fired, Jordan and Brown say it was a mutual decision. In my opinion, he didn't want to stick around knowing this team was a mess. Make no mistake about it, Larry Brown is a great coach, but his inability to stay in one place for a long time makes his act seem comical at this point. His agent has already stated that he'll be coaching again. He is 70 years old, so the clock is ticking, but count on this. Whereever he winds up next, don't expect him to remain there for more than three seasons. Since he left the Sixers in 2004 (coached there 6 seasons) he hasn't been with any of his teams for more than three seasons. Detroit Pistons: 2 seasons. New York Knicks: 1 season. Charlotte Bobcats: 2 seasons and change.

Rex Ryan Doesn't Deny Involvement With "Foot Video" at Press Conference

Rex Ryan's wife Michelle Ryan has got him embroiled in quite a controversy. The Rex Ryan Foot Video became the hottest search trend yesterday and one of the most talked-about topics in recent memory. A bizarre video apparently of Rex Ryan's wife surfaced online yesterday with the voice behind the camera sounding like Rex Ryan. Ryan didn't deny involvement in the video either, saying it was a personal matter. This means that Rex Ryan and his wife made this foot fetish video. Will the Jets be able to overcome the distraction? As I stated yesterday with regards to Rex Ryan's situation, there isn't a snowball's chance in hell of the Jets surviving this distraction. It's one thing to have a coach get busted for DUI like Jon Gruden, or breaking an assistant's jaw like Tom Cable, but when you get associated with a foot fetish viral video, that's unchartered territory.

That Sunday Snowstorm...Oh Yeah it Might Be Monday Now

For those of us out there who have to work the day after a holiday to get paid, meaning Monday this could be our worst nightmare. The weather experts are now saying this snowstorm could push into Monday according to Hurricane Schwartz. Right now this storm just left California after dumping record rainfall upon the state and it will make the voyage across the country and up the Eastern seaboard this weekend. Your best bet is to stay tuned on NBC10 or Weather.com. But, with them pushing it back each day, don't be surprised to see it start Monday morning and really screw things up for us as we try to go back to work.