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Day After Christmas Sales 2010, Major Snowstorm to Hit Philadelphia and New Jersey, and Eagles Vikings Sunday Night


The Omelette Sunday December 26, 2010

Day After Christmas Sales 2010 Compete with Major Snowstorm in Philadelphia and New Jersey area

As many folks head out the door for those Day After Christmas sales, a powerful Nor'Easter is heading up the Eastern coast and will deliver heavy bands of snow to Philadelphia, New Jersey, and Delaware today. The weather forecast keeps changing, but right now they are saying South Jersey will get the worst of the Crippling Northeastern Blizzard (24 inches in some parts) followed by Philadelphia (10 to 20 inches) and as you head north and west of the city, the snowfall totals are much less. In fact, they are saying the Reading area will only get 3 inches, perhaps less. This is what they are saying now. It has already started to snow in Southern parts of Jersey and Delaware. The worst of it is set to begin around 2-3 P.M. If you are heading out for those Day After Christmas sales, then here is a link to Delio's site, which links to all of the major stores.

Eagles Vikings Sunday Night Game To Be Played in Blizzard Conditions

We can thank the greedy NFL geniuses for this one. The Eagles-Vikings game was originally set to be played at 1:00 PM. Had this been the case, the Eagles and Vikings would be finishing up right when the weather begins to turn. And, the fans would be better off. Thanks to the NFL's greed, the Eagles and Vikings will play in the worst of the snowstorm tonight. If the NFL had integrity they would cancel this game for the safety of the fans, but they would rather make a ton of money from primetime advertising. If the Eagles and Vikings are playing in blizzard-like conditions you can expect all bets to be off and for it to be a much more even matchup. It's one thing if it's just snow, but when you factor in 25 to 40 mile per hour winds, it will be ugly. For those of us including myself who are in their fantasy league playoffs, then it might not be a good idea to start Michael Vick or any of the other Eagles' key offensive players. Not only will The Boxing Day Blizzard of 2010 be a potential bad memory for years to come, but it may make the Eagles - Vikings game a legendary game for the brutal conditions tonight.