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Eagles Choke Against Vikings, President Obama Praises Michael Vick, and Downingtown Band Going to Rose Bowl


The Omelette Wednesday December 29, 2010

Eagles Choke Against Vikings in Ugly Tuesday Night Game

This is what happens when Philadelphia fans get their hopes up. The hype of this "Tuesday Night" game certainly played into it - being that it's the first NFL Tuesday night game in 64 years.. And, the Eagles laid a big, fat egg. This game was akin to the 2002 NFC Championship and 2003 season opener when they choked against the Tampa Bay Bucs. Those two games were hyped for being the last game at the Vet and road to the Super Bowl and the first game at The Linc. Both were disgusting, brutal losses. Last night's choke job against the Vikings obviously wasn't on the same level as the 2003 NFC Championship heartbreaker, but it was certainly on par with the "Opener" at The Linc. The Eagles showed absolutely no life on offense last night. The Vikings just blitzed, blitzed, and blitzed some more and the offensive line could not hold down the fort. Last night they provided a blueprint with how to stop the Eagles' vaunted offense. With a porous offensive line all a team needs is a constant pass rush and all hell breaks loose. And, the result is several turnovers by Michael Vick as he runs for his life and a 24-14 loss. The Eagles now have nothing to play for and are locked in as no better than the #3 seed. As Steve O points out in The Morning After, simply put the Eagles aren't a very good right now regardless of what their record is.

President Obama Praises Michael Vick and Eagles For Giving Him Second Chance

Even President Obama has commented on Michael Vick's meteoric rise to to the top this year. He praised Eagles' owner Jeffrey Lurie for giving Vick a second chance and said it's important for our society that this played out the way it did. Some will criticize Obama for even commenting on this. What's the problem? Michael Vick is one of the biggest stories in news and his rise from the ashes is an embodiment of the American Dream. Then again Obama's harshest critics will criticize him for not smiling correctly.

Downington Band gets to Rose Bowl After all

Due to several cancellations at the Philadelphia International Airport, the Downington High School was heartbroken when they learned 2 of 3 flights were cancelled and were told they wouldn't make the trip to The Rose Bowl for this weekend. Turns out they will make it after all. 400 Downington band members and chaperone's will be out in Pasadena after working things out with the airlines. According to NBCPhiladelphia.com "Two buses transporting students to Newark International are leaving Tuesday at 11:15 a.m. and another two at 3 p.m. from East High School in Downingtown. No word yet on whether alternate flights were found for the students."