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The Omelette New Years Eve 2010 Roundup: New Years Eve 2011, Snooki Coverage, Haiti Earthquake, BP Oil Spill, Chile Miners, Cliff Lee, Michael Vick, Donovan McNabb, and More


The Omelette December 31, 2010 New Years Eve Roundup Edition

New Years Eve is Here...Say Goodbye to 2010 and Hello to 2011

Here we are on New Years Eve as the Countdown to 2011 is down to t-minus 12 hours. Generally with the Omelette I do a "Weekly Roundup" every Friday, but since this Friday falls on New Years Eve, it's more appropriate I do a 2010 New Years Eve Roundup as we are set to enter 2011. After all, how many times can I possibly rehash the Ed Rendell Eagles rant, President Obama's Michael Vick comments, and Tucker Carlson's Michael Vick comments. If you want to read about those items, check out the articles at the aforementioned links. One thing I will comment about is the news coverage on Snooki from The Jersey Shore.

Iis it a little insane for the 11:00 NBC News to have coverage of Snooki on New Years Eve?! People like myself who watch the 11:00 news don't watch the Jersey Shore. Who gives a "bleep" about the Snooki stunt being banned at Times Square? And, outside of Seaside Heights, who cares that she's being lifted down inside a ball? Is that really news? How that garnered Top Story attention ahead of an infant dying inside a Philadelphia shelter is beyond me.

Now onto the 2010 Yearly Roundup...

Well we've made it through another year folks. It seems that just a few days ago we were celebrating the end of 2009 and embarking upon the decade of the "10's." Quite a year it's been in the world of news and Philadelphia news and beyond.

* The Philadelphia Eagles laid an egg two weeks in a row against the Dallas Cowboys to start the year thus marking Donovan McNabb's last game as a Philadelphia Eagle.

* Then in world news - the Haiti Earthquake struck in January, which dominated headlines for months. Over 200,000 people died in the deadly magnitude 7.0 earthquake. The earthquake was not without controversy as Pat Robertson made some nasty comments about the disaster.

* In early February the Northeastern region particularly the Philadelphia area was hit with two record-breaking blizzards in the span of five days - dubbed Snowpocalypse (or Snowmaggedon) I and II respectively with many people seeing four feet of snow on their lawns from the two blizzards. For those of us who prefer more traditional names for our blizzards, the two storms are known as the First and Second 2010 North American Blizzards.

* Then we had the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, with the United States taking the most medals.

* In April, the event known as the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill began when the Deepwater Horizon Oil Rig (owned by BP) exploded, causing an oil spill which lasted for three  months before it was finally stopped.

* Back in Philly, the Phillies were set to embark on the their quest for third straight World Series appearance (and second title in three years).

* The Donovan McNabb era ended in Philadelphia as the Eagles traded him within the division to the Washington Redskins.

* The Philadelphia Flyers came back from an 0-3 deficit to defeat the Boston Bruins in 7 games, thus kick-starting their run to the Stanley Cup Finals. Like many of their playoff runs it ended in disappointing fashion though. They went up against a Chicago Blackhawks team which wasn't nearly as banged up and as fast of a team you'll ever see on ice. The Flyers' magical run ended in 6 games against Chicago.

* Lebron James created a disgraceful TV spectacle with his self-serving "Decision" show when he announced he would choose the Miami Heat in free agency. Yes, I'm not a fan of Lebron James and that's one of many reasons. He embarrassed the NBA and turned free agency into a complete joke. As I stated Lebron James' so-called annoucement was the most self-serving move in professional sports history.

* The Tea Party gained a lot of political momentum over the summer heading into the fall as unemployment levels remained at or near 10% with the Federal budget deficit out of control.

* After the Philadelphia area suffered a brutal winter, we suffered an equally-brutal summer with record heatwaves, including one in early July when temperatures eclipsed the 100 degree mark for several days in a row.

* Over the summer, the Gulf Coast was decimated by the BP Oil spill as thousands of gallons of oil each day leaked from under the sea and reached the beaches. Finally the leak was stopped in July after millions of gallons of oil spilled into the Gulf of Mexico and upon beaches and wetlands throughout the Gulf Coast.

* The Kevin Kolb era began in August, but briefly ended in September after just one half of football when Kolb left the Green Bay game due to a concussion. Thus, the Michael Vick era began against the Detroit Lions the next week and was briefly interupted when he was injured against the Redskins - missing two games. Since returning to score 6 TDs in a rout against the same Redskins team, Michael Vick has become an MVP candidate. And, Donovan McNabb's career has reached a low in his first and soon-to-be only year in Washington.

* On August 5, an underground explosion in a mine in the Atacama desert in Chile caused 33 Chilean miners known as the "Chile 33" to be stuck underground for more than two months. Miraculously all 33 men survived the 2010 Copiapo mining accident and were rescued in October some 69 days later.

* The Philadelphia Phillies began the playoffs in electrifying style as Roy Halladay tossed the second no-hitter in the history of Major League Baseball. Two weeks later their quest for a third straight World Series appearance and second World Series title in three years was thwarted by a San Francisco Giants team led by Tim Lincecum, Matt Cain, Brian Wilson, and Cody "Bleeping" Ross. This San Francisco Giants team as Joe Vallee wrote is among the worst ever, but obviously their "homer" fans would strongly disagree.

* On Tuesday November 2, 2010 the Democrats were shellacked (according to President Obama) in the 2010 Mid-term Election. The Tea Party helped the Republicans to shake up Washington as they gained an unprecedented number of seats in the House, Senate, and in various levels of Government throughout the nation.

* The Kensington Strangler became Philadelphia's first high profile murderer since Gary Heidnik in the 1980's. So far the Kensington Strangler remains on the loose and is responsible for the rapes and murders of three women and 8 total attacks in Kensington.

* It was a big month in sports for Philadelphia Phillies and Philadelphia Eagles fans as we got to stick it to New York not just once, but twice in a week. First there was the Cliff Lee signing by the Phillies who swooped in and vultured him away from the Yankees at the last minute by signing him to a 5-year $120 million deal. And, he took less money to play for the Phillies. Then not even a week later there was The Miracle at the Meadowlands Part 2 in which the Eagles scored four touchdowns within the last 8 minutes of the game against the Giants to effectively kill their season. DeSean Jackson became the first player in NFL history to end a game on a punt return as time expired.

* Finally, after Christmas all hell broke loose regarding the Eagles. First there was a major snowstorm which struck the area on Sunday thus causing the NFL to move Sunday night's game between the Vikings and Eagles to Tuesday night. Ed Rendell commented and likened this to the wussification of America. And, then President Obama thanked Jeffrey Lurie for giving Michael Vick a second chance. This in turn caused Tucker Carlson to go braindead on Fox News and make an inflammatory remark about Michael Vick by saying he should have been executed. Never before have the Philadelphia Eagles received this much attenion in the span of a week because of comments made by people who aren't even on the team!

In closing, 2010 was both an exciting year in Philadelphia and an intense year. It featured a major natural disaster, two man-made disasters with one resulting in a happy ending for the Chilean Miners. Never in my lifetime can I remember enduring such a harsh winter and harsh summer in the same year. It was as big a year as ever for our Philadelphia sports teams, but with all of them coming up short in capturing a championship. In a year of highs and lows, Cliff Lee's signing by the Phillies is my choice for the #1 story in terms of the optimism it brings to the Phillies. It also cements the Phillies' status of becoming the New York Yankees of the National League. And, after a disappointing Phillies season it brought a strong level of optimism to a team that must win another title to cement their legacy in Philadelphia.

Finally unemployment remains at a high national level if you went out shopping during the holidays it appears that many people are spending money, which bodes well for our nation's economy.

If you are going to head out in the Philadelphia are for New Years 2011 Celebrations, don't miss Helene Eksterowicz's Top Picks for New Years Eve.

Everybody have a safe and Happy New Year!

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