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Sunday Omelette: SNL Julian Assange TMZ Skit, Michael Vick The Leading MVP Candidate, and USC UCLA Pre-Game Stabbings


The Omelette Sunday December 5, 2010

SNL Kicks Off Episode With Julian Assange TMZ Sketch

This season of Saturday Night Live has been very good, with the lone exception of the President Obama sketches. At this point they are repetitive and it might be time for Lorne Michaels to hand off the role to newcomer Jay Pharoah. Just when you thought they would open up with another tired Obama sketch, Julian Assange intercepted the broadcast. Bill Hader who portrayed Assange in the sketch where they merged Wikileaks with the TMZ show. The sketch was brilliant from start to finish with Hader playing the Harvey Levin role and drinking a soda while kicking around the topics to his assistants. The bit capped off with a shocking leak of Hillary Clinton (played by Vanessa Bayer) as she was sitting in a cab and you can probably figure out where they went with this one. In case you missed it, check out the SNL Julian Assange TMZ Sketch on Gawker.com.

Michael Vick is the Leading Candidate for NFL MVP

Twelves games into the season, the Eagles are 8-4 and currently in first place in the NFC East. Michael Vick has been responsible for at least 2 of those victories-perhaps more. His 105.7 QB Rating is good for 2nd in the NFL - with only Tom Brady ahead of him by just 1/10th of a point! His numbers read like Madden statistics. He has 2243 yards passing, 15 TDs, only 2 INT, and a 63.8% completion percentage. In addition to these numbers, he has 467 yards rushing and another 6 TDs. Even more remarkable is he has put up these numbers in just 9 games. Another huge factor in his MVP candidacy is his ability to bring the team back in the 4th quarter. So far this season, he has led the Eagles to 4th quarter comeback victories in the Giants and Texans games. Michael Vick's storied comeback is as incredible as Kurt Warner's rags-to-riches story in 1999.

USC - UCLA Pre-Game Fight and Stabbing

Normally when people party before a college football game it involves drinking and eating. In the case of yesterday's USC-UCLA game, some punks had a different idea. A brawl erupted before the game and it resulted in two stabbings. This is a first for college football.