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Jayson Werth Trade Rumors, Domonic Brown's Arrival, Philly Tow Truck Feud, and Unbelievable Whale Video


Looks like the Phillies might be moving Jayson Werth after all of the trade chatter-according to SI.com. Since it's a foregone conclusion that he won't re-sign here, they might as well get tow truck shooter phillysomething for him.

Will Domonic Brown finally get the call from the Phillies' brass that he's been waiting for all year? If Werth gets moved in the next week that will be the case.  Now, the Phillies just need to pull that trigger and get something for Werth.

Looks like thuggery is the way of the walk in the Philadelphia tow truck industry, at least for a few organizations.  The "tow truck shooter", Jose Latorre Jr. who resembles rapper Fat Joe was charged with shooting a rival tow truck driver.  There's already a show called Parking Wars.  Why not a show called "Tow Truck Wars?"

Finally, this is the coolest internet video sensation of...today.  Because there will certainly be another one to usurp it tomorrow.  In any event, a whale jumped onto a boat off the coast of Cape Town in South Africa.  Luckily the whale and the folks on board weren't injured.