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Roy Oswalt Phillies Watch, Tony Hayward, Northeast Heat Wave, and Sloppy Secondz Pennsylvania Guys Video


The Omelette:  Sunday July 25, 2010 Edition

The Roy Oswalt watch is on in Philly.  Oswalt is all there for the Phillies to get if they so desire. The only hiccup is money, which as we know has been a sticking point for this ownership for years. CSN's Jim Salisbury tweeted that the Phillies sent a scout out last night to watch Oswalt's start in Houston. He ended up getting lit up, but that's unlikely to sway any intelligent GM. You know what you're getting with Oswalt. 

The latest heat wave of the season is in day number five as the Philly area and many other parts of the Northeast cope with wicked heat. The heat wave may finally end when wicked storms roll through the area later in the afternoon and tonight. Tomorrow it will cool off slightly and may hit a "cool" 89 degrees, which would mark the end of the heat wave. If you're smart, stay inside as much as possible, and watch the Phillies at 1:35.

The most hated CEO in America, Tony Hayward (CEO of BP) may finally step down after looking like a complete jerk the past three months. Here's a guy who was so out of touch that he tried to say he "wanted his life back." Excuse me, but there's plenty of folks in the Gulf Coast region who won't be going back to their mansion tonight. I'm willing to bet any amount of money they won't be taking part in any yacht races either. For millions of people in the gulf they won't have their lives back for years after the BP Oil Spill is cleaned up. It's about time British Petroleum forces this buffoon out.

Finally, a comedy band called Sloppy Secondz, from Sunbury, PA put out an awesome video, which parodies the song "California Girls" by Katy Perry. The video entitled, "Pennsylvania Guys" illustrates anything and everything about Pennsylvania from Philly cheesesteaks, to the potholes, to Lancaster County, Eagles, Phillies, Steelers, Eerie, Lackawanna news, and even mullets. Not only are the visuals extremely creative, but their lyrics are hilarious and perfectly timed. Watch this video go viral in the next few days. 

Kudos to Sloppy Secondz for this video!  To check out more of Sloppy Secondz's work, go to their myspace page at http://www.myspace.com/sloppysecondzmusic