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All Eyes on Kevin Kolb, Philly Cop Killers Trial, and Cowboys Dez Bryant Shows up Roy Williams


The Omelette:  Monday July 26, 2010 Edition

All eyes are on Kevin Kolb as the Philadelphia Eagles begin Training Camp today in Lehigh. This marks a new era for the Eagles' organization and one that is sure to be exciting. Mark Eckel writes that there is more to camp than Kevin Kolb though.  And, you know what-he's absolutely correct! It will be exciting to watch the youngsters grow together.  And, hopefully Brandon Graham is closer to Hugh Douglas than Jerome McDougal.  One can only hope.

The trial for Philly cop killers Eric Floyd and Levon Warner is coming to a close.  The two thugs are charged in the death of Sergeant Stephen Liczbinski.  Even though they weren't the trigger men, it's the right decision for the D.A. to pursue first degree murder charges against these two.  They did after all participate in a violent robbery which resulted in Officer Liczbinski's death. 

And, here's a little Cowboys news for Eagles fans.  Cowboys rookie wide receiver Dez Bryant has the attitude to become a much-hated Cowboy.  He already is making waves by refusing to succumb to "rookie hazing."  He refused to carry the shoulder pads of fellow wideout Roy Williams.  Something tells me he is going to be one of the most hated players in the NFL before long (not just by Eagles fans).  It's pretty arrogant to show up a teammate for one, but to do it right off the bat is flat out ignorant.