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Michael Vick Possible Bankruptcy Violation, Lawyer to Sue Tug Boat Company, and Drexel Basketball Players Charged


The Omelette:  Tuesday July 27, 2010 Edition

Michael Vick may not be getting suspended by the NFL for a shooting which ocurred just a few minutes after he bounced from his birthday party in Virginia Beach last month, but he may be getting in trouble for other reasons. Vick may have violated bankruptcy laws by making unauthorized gifts to family and friends months before declaring bankruptcy.  I said it before and said it again that the Eagles need to cut ties with Vick.  He is poison for this franchise.

According to MyFoxPhilly.com, the two families of Hungarians who were killed in the Duck Boat incident will sue the Tug Boat company. Lawyer Robert Mongeluzzi is representing both families. The fact that the tug boat mate won't talk to police about the incident tells you he has something to hide.  I'm not a tug boat captain, but even Stevie Wonder could see there was a Duck Boat in the Delaware River. It's an accident that could have been avoided.

And, lastly three Drexel basketball players were arrested for robbing a fellow student. Drexel basketball players Devon Bond (the mastermind), Jamie Harris, and Kevin Phillips were looking to thug out and get some money out of a fellow student. These geniuses couldn't get any money out of her and decided to steal her iphone.   Fortunately, the perps were busted when police matched Devon Bond's credit card with surveilance records. They ended up turning themselves in Monday morning.