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Septa Crash At Monk's Cafe, Eagles Training Camp Snooze Fest, and Carlos Ruiz


The Omelette Tuesday August 10, 2010 Edition

Septa Bush Crashes Into Monk's Cafe

The popular Monk's Cafe in downtown Philadelphia was the scene of a major accident early this morning - involving a police car and a Septa bus. Fortunately, there were only minor injuries. The crash occured in the wee hours of the morning at 2 A.M. and there were still customers inside, but nobody was hurt. Monk's Cafe is said to have suffered "major damage" according to MyFoxPhilly.

Eagles Training Camp a Snooze Fest

Nothing really groundbreaking coming out of Eagles Training Camp at Lehigh. It's been a pretty uneventful camp aside from the minor injuries and Desean Jackson refusing to talk to reporters. And, it's a good thing for it to be boring. Would you rather there be hold-outs, season-ending injuries, and T.O.-type distractions? So, what is the latest? GCobb reports that Stewart Bradley and Ernie Sims have shown their speed. And, Derek over at Iggles Blog reports that Desean Jackson's silence is "a carefully orchestrated element of Drew Rosenhaus's Get-DeSean-More-Money strategy."

Could Carlos Ruiz Be A Key Reason For Phillies' Resurgence?

Think about it - during the Phillies' recent post All-Star Break Resurgence, Carlos Ruiz has been hotter than a cherry pepper shooter. Carlos Ruiz hit .327 in July and is currently hitting .345 this month. He may not get the glamour stats like homers and RBI's, but he plays great defense, hits for average, and doesn't strike out much. He's certainly one of the key Phils who have stepped up when guys like Chase Utley, Ryan Howard, and Shane Victorino went down.