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Phillies Dramatic Comeback Against Dodgers, Steven Slater, Scott Pilgrim, and Meteor Shower Tonight


The Omelette Friday August 13, 2010 Edition

Weekly Wrap-up

The Phillies had a comeback for the ages last night winning 10-9 after being down 7 runs entering the 8th inning. Carlos Ruiz hit a walkoff 2-run double in the 9th to lead the Fightins past the Dodgers. NBC10 wants to know who that kid was who put the hex on the Dodgers.

Steven Slater an American hero

Steven Slater went from an unknown everyday citizen on Monday to an iconic American hero within a few days. The former JetBlue flight attendant might face jail time, but his message resonates with millions of unemployed and employed working class Americans.

Scott Pilgrim is FINALLY out

It seems like the previews have been ongoing for months, but the highly anticipated 'Scott Pilgrim VS. The World' starring Michael Cera and Anna Kendrick is out in theatres today. It has a 79% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, which is quite good. Expect Scott Pilgrim to do very well this weekend.

Wrapping up....

The Kevin Kolb era officially begins when the Eagles play their first preaseason game against the Jacksonville Jaguars tonight. Ryan Howard and Chase Utley are close to returning. Once again, an irresponsible parent left their kids in the car while going into the casinos - this time leaving them in a car for 6 hours!  Talk about irony, Carl Greene, the head of the PHA (Philadelphia Housing Authority) is facing a foreclosure on his home. Finally, there will be a meteor shower tonight, so look up in the sky at about 10 PM.