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Eagles solid in preseason opener, No Verdict for Cop Killers, Dr. Laura, and Obama Mosque


The Omelette Saturday August 14, 2010

Eagles look sharp in preseason opener Friday night

Kevin Kolb looked sharp in limited action last night. There was a Stacy Andrews sighting and according to Igglesblog, he looked pretty good. Brandon Graham had a nice debut and Adam Caplan predicts he'll crack the starting lineup by midseason. Michael Vick showed his speed last night. And, the summer of Riley Cooper continued as he had 3 catches for 61 yards. All in all their 1's clearly outplayed the Jags. What more can you ask for in the 1st preseason game?

No verdict yet for Philly Cop Killers

The convicted murderers of Sgt. Lisczbinski have not been formally sentenced yet. They could face the death penalty despite not actually pulling the trigger. It's a slippery slope, but they deserve the death penalty for their involvement. The defense argues their horrific childhoods are to blame, which is a weak defense at best. There's a little something called accountability and they must answer for this horrific crime.

Obama backs Ground Zero Mosque

President Obama is backing attempts to build a muslim mosque near ground zero. You can't deny anyone the right to build a mosque or church, for this is a civil rights issue.

Dr. Laura apologizes for her N word rant

Dr. Laura Schlessinger disgraced herself this week and has apologized for her n word rant. Regardless, she still entered Rush Limbaugh terroritory.