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Accused Murderer Loose, Phillies Finally Beat Mets at Citifield, Ryan Howard, Chase Utley, and Jamaal Jackson Returning


The Omelette Monday August 16, 2010 Edition

Accused Murderer From Philly Escapes Prison Van

An accused murderer from Philadelphia escaped a police transport wagon on Saturday afternoon. The young man, named Omar Roane escaped from the back of the van along with two other men. Police caught two of them a short while later, but Roane is still on the lam.


Phillies take down the Mets at Citifield

The Phillies finally scored a run up at Citifield against the Mets this weekend. After getting shut out on Friday night they beat them on Saturday night 4-0 and last night 3-1. As if that's not good enough news, Ryan Howard and Chase Utley may return as soon as this week.

Kevin Kolb must improve decision-making

According to Garry Cobb, Kevin Kolb must improve his decision-making.  He wrote on his site gcobb.com that Kolb looked a little erratic throughout many throws during the 1st quarter of Friday night's game. 

Jamaal Jackson returning soon?

Eagles center Jamaal Jackson may return to action pretty soon. But don't expect him to start anytime soon according to Tommy Lawlor over at Igglesblog.