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Child's Body Dug Up, Ryan Howard Not Back, Chase Utley Returning, Brian Westbrook a 49er, and Storms Rock Area


The Omelette Tuesday August 17, 2010 Edition

Child's body stolen from Lancaster cemetery

Lately it seems like the news has been chok full of the bizarre stories, between the woman from Reading who had remains of an infant and fetus in her apartment to various cases of animal hoarding and a woman who phoned in a false alarm about throwing her kids off the Ben Franklin Bridge. Today it was learned that someone dug up the remains of a 9-year-old girl in a Lancaster cemetery. What's more bizarre is that the little girl was buried there since 1962. The graverobbers apparently did the deed on Friday the 13th. None of the surrounding graves were touched so it appears hers just happened to be the one the bandits decided to pick.

Ryan Howard not Back Just Yet, But Chase Utley Set To Return

It was a longshot that Ryan Howard would be taken off the DL on Tuesday and in all liklihood he won't return until later in the week. Chase Utley could return for the San Francisco series though. The Phils are peaking at the right time and now they're getting two of their studs back just in time for the September push. The remain 2 1/2 games behind the Braves.

Brian Westbrook a 49er, Herremans and Jackson back to practice

And in Eagles news, Brian Westbrook signed a one-year-deal with the 49ers today. He's trying to milk anything he can out of his career at this point - sad to say. He hasn't been nearly the player he was in 2007. And, Todd Herremans and Jamaal Jackson are back to practice.

Storms rocked the Philadelphia area

Thunderstorms raced through the region from Lancaster to Philly during the afternoon and evening. Here's an amazing shot submitted to WGAL.com-Lancaster's news station. Check out WGAL's photo gallery for more amazing thunderstorm shots from Tuesday.

storm photo night