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Ryan Howard Injury, Eagles Training Camp Update, Andrew Breitbart at Tea Party Rally in Philly, and more


The Omelette August 2, 2010 Edition

Ryan Howard injures ankle against Nationals

Ryan Howard injured his ankle in the first inning of Sunday's game against the Nats. He may hit the DL for just the second time in his career (the last time was 2007). He sprained his ankle while running back to second base and jammed it into the second base bag. Charlie Manuel stated after the game yesterday that he didn't think the injury was serious enough to land him on the DL. Another "positive" was that X-rays were negative.

Andrew Breitbart joins Tea Partiers in Philadelphia

Andrew Breitbart, the conservative blogger who posted a controversial video of Shirley Sherrod on his website, was in Philly on Saturday at a Tea Party rally to denounce the "media cabal", NAACP, and anybody else not in line with his political point of view. Breitbart is facing heavy criticism for allegedly slandering Sherrod by posting just part of her comments in an interview, which made her look like a racist. Sherrod intends on suing Breitbart who ultimately got her fired from her job with the USDA. President Obama personally apologized to her after the incident and she has been offered another position within the USDA.

Eagles training camp update

The Philadelphia Eagles' injuries are piling up in just their second full day of full contact practices at Lehigh. Asante Samuel went down today as did Stewart Bradley. Most of the injuries don't appear to be serious though.

Big push to get duck boats banned in Philly

Attorneys are looking to get duck boats permanently banned in Philadelphia.

A mother and son murdered in Frankford

A very sad story coming out of Frankford Sunday. Dorothy "Miss D" Flora and her son Shane Ferguson were found murdered inside their home in Frankford on Sunday morning. Authorities believe the shooting stemmed from an argument and they have a suspect in mind.