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The Omelette Weekly Roundup: Obama Mosque, Dr. Laura N Word, Blago Verdict, Roger Clemens, and Brett Favre


The Omelette Friday August 20, 2010 Edition

Weekly Roundup

Phillies on a roll, but Cole Hamels still can't win

The Phillies continued their winning ways this week, but once again Cole Hamels couldn't get a W on Thursday night and not due to lack or run support. Hamels just didn't have it, giving up 5 earned runs against the Giants.

Violent Crimes Galore in the Greater Philly region

A 93-year-old woman was beaten and robbed in her apartment complex. A World War II Vet, and fixture in his neighborhood was gunned down in his front yard in West Oak Lane by a couple thugs on Wednesday. A young woman was drug behind a van and raped and robbed in brutal fashion and it was caught on surveilance video.

Rounding up this week

The Blago verdict came in and Rod Blagojevich was found guilty on just one count. A woman was being eaten alive (literally) by bed bugs for a year from a bed she purchased in Norristown. The fallout continued from Dr. Laura's n-word rant and she announced she's quitting her show at the end of the year. Brett Favre isn't hanging it up just yet, but the timing seems suspect considering the Vikings play on Sunday night football on NBC this weekend - not to mention Favre will have an interview during halftime Sunday Night.  The Philly Cop Killers, will get life sentences due to the jury being deadlocked on whether to give them the death penalty for killing Sgt. Licszbinski.  Chase Utley returned this week but Ryan Howard won't be back until Monday at the earliest. Many Americans are still riled up over President Obama's mosque comments. Roger Clemens will be indicted for basically refusing to admit he cheated and now faces possible jail time. PA, New Jersey, and Delaware aren't going to be affected by the massive egg recall.

Finally, the Philadelphia Eagles broke camp this week at Lehigh and so far haven't suffered any major injuries, which is the best thing you can ask for at this juncture.