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Brett Myers Returns Against Phillies, Todd Herremans Returning, and Women Targeted in Robberies


The Omelette Tuesday August 24, 2010 Edition

Phillies lose to Astros in Brett Myers' return

Brett Myers faced the Phillies for the first time this season since signing with the Astros and had some not so nice things to say prior to the match-up.The Phillies wound up losing 4-3.

Todd Herremans returning to Eagles lineup

Philadelphia Eagles left guard Todd Herremans is ready to return. This is great news for the Birds as they get one of (if not) their most reliable linemen back in the rotation.

Robberies continue in Center City, with women being targeted

So far four women have been attacked an robbed in recent weeks in Center City. The robbers have been targeted women and appear well-dressed. There is a distinct pattern in these attacks in that they occur on Mondays.