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Phillies Lose Again To Astros, Kidnapped Boy Found, Donovan McNabb, Desean Jackson, and High-Rise Attacker Arrested


The Omelette Thursday August 26, 2010 Edition

Phillies Lose to Astros For Third Straight Game

Who saw this one coming? The Astros were a 54-win team coming into this series and are on the verge of sweeping the Phillies in a four-game series. The Phillies lost another tight game last night 3-2 in J.A. Happ's return. Their offense has seemingly vanished this entire series. Fortunately, the Braves haven't gained much ground, having lost 3 straight games. The Phils remain 2 1/2 games back and take on the Astros again today at 1:05.

Terry Dusseault Found Safe and Sound in Grocery Store

Terry Dusseault Jr., who was abducted by his father Terry Dusseault Sr. on Tuesday afternoon was found by authorities at a grocery store yesterday. His father has been arrested.

One of the Monday Attackers Arrested

In recent weeks there have been a rash of robberies, specifically targeting women in high-rise apartments. One of the perps was nabbed yesterday after being caught stealing a purse from a woman on a bus. Unfortunately, his cohort got away. Michael Crump, 48, was arrested yesterday and is linked to the rash of robberies.

Desean Jackson Addresses McNabb

Donovan McNabb who recently bashed the Eagles in an interview with GQ hasn't bothered Desean Jackson. Jackson yesterday spoke about McNabb stating that "we haven't lost a step since he's come in and been the man"-referring to Kevin Kolb.